SMART UL - a flexible universal life insurance product


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Key enhancements

NEW: Charity Benefit provision1
  • When a claim is paid to the beneficiaries, Foresters will donate (up to $100,000) an additional 1% of the face amount to a designated registered charitable organization, so clients can support their favorite cause. Automatically included in the contract with no additional monthly deductions.
NEW: Juvenile Coverage
  • Minimum face amount for issue ages 0-15 reduced from $150,000 to $50,000 for medical cases.
  • Juvenile underwriting class now goes to age 17
NEW: Guaranteed Purchase Option Rider (GPO)
  • GPO maximum face amount increased from $30,000 to $50,000
NEW: Lower Cost of Insurance (COIs)
  • Re-priced using 2017 CSO tables


NEW: Interest Rates
  • Competitive non-guaranteed interest rate of 4.1%
  • Lower loan interest rates:
    • certificate years 1-7 loan interest rate is 4.0%
    • preferred loan interest rate is 2.0% after the 7th certificate anniversary
    • collateral loan interest account crediting rate is 2.0%
NEW: Illustrations
  • Re-designed color illustrations that are more customer friendly
NEW: Product Details Page
  • Updated product details page to include Charity Benefit provision and lump sum/1035 exchange information
  • NO changes to the application

Changes to SMART UL are pending approval in CA and NY.


Coverage and cash values

  • Guaranteed death benefit amount
  • Guaranteed cash values


  • 10-Year Minimum Premium No-Lapse Guarantee2
  • Low minimum modal premiums

Value added riders with no additional monthly deductions

Optional riders4 for living benefits and added protection

  • Guaranteed Purchase Option Rider
  • Waiver of Monthly Deductions Rider
  • Children's Term Rider
  • Accidental Death Rider

Underwriting options

  • Non-medical5 issue up to $400,000 in coverage (ages 16–55).
  • Coverage as low as $100,000 (ages 16-70) and up to $10,000,000 and higher with medical underwriting.
  • Preferred and substandard underwriting classes available.

SMART UL Sales Concepts

Download - Meet Ken - A 38-year old married father of two young children, and a primary income earner

Download - Meet Laura - a 25-year old recent college graduate who just started her first full-time job

Download - Meet Anita - A 55-year old mother; her son is about to graduate from college

Download - Meet Justin - A 43-year old married male, purchasing a new home with his spouse and will have a 30-year joint mortgage

Reasons to sell Foresters Financial

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Financial strength and stability you can count on

  • $44 billion in total funds under management, total assets of $17.7 billion, liabilities of $15.7 billion, and a surplus of $2 billion6.
  • A.M. Best has given both The Independent Order of Foresters and Foresters Life Insurance & Annuity Company an "A" (Excellent) Financial Strength Rating (FSR), with The IOF having received the same rating for 18 straight years7.
  • Review our 2017 Financial highlights.

An uncompromising focus on ease of doing business

  • Non-medica5ions up to $400,000 with simple underwriting, quick issue and quick pay (non-medical defined as Script Check and MIB check – no fluid collection or paramedical examinations).
  • Accellerated Point of Sale (POS) decisioning in 10 minutes or less when using iPipeline's iGO e-App8.
  • Go paperless with Foresters mobile quotes for quoting on the go.
  • Multiple initiatives designed to increase your options, reduce processing time and speed up payments with daily pay available.

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